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Massaging out more of my hot cream to splash over you  >:)

but @mistersinsation love it also to see how much cum you have for me, oh how it is splashing all over me 

when I would be only able to may be push some of that with my toy in to me…. 

@itssilver1995  I love the way you think!

ah come on @mistersinsationcumtributes you know so well how much I love cum in my pussy, of cause the best is fresh cum pumped in with throbbing cock, but some times also cum just splashed over my pussy is a good lube 

*wide grin* @itssilver1995 I am sure that you would inspire me to both splash my cum on your pussy to use for lube and keep me hard so that I could also pump more into your hot pussy  >:)